Reframing Education

Remote / Blended Instructional Delivery Resources – Level 3

Remote / Blended Instruction Delivery Resources

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Determine skills needed for students to effectively use tools

What skills will students need to develop in order to meet the high expectations and make most of tech and instructional tools?

What are the skills necessary for students to succeed in a remote learning environment?

Article – Skills for Online Students 

What areas should teachers focus on to help students be successful with using digital tools?

ISTE Student Standards


Provide training and support for teachers, parents, and students

Provide access and experience with online platforms and digital learning tools for all teachers, caregivers, and students.

What are the best resources or guides for learning to use a LMS?

Schoology -Simple Course Design Options


Schoology Help Center


Schoology Video Tutorials


Google Classroom and Progressbook


Google Classroom cheat sheet for Teachers


Google Classroom cheat sheet for students 


Edmodo help center 

What does remote/ blended learning look like?


7 Simple Ways to Set Up Your LMS Course

ISTE Article

Where can teachers, students, and parents go to learn more about using the various technology tools and platforms?


Google Teach From Home page


Google’s Teacher Center


Microsoft Educator Center


Google PD Anytime – Anywhere


The Educators Guide to Flipgrid


Tech and Learning Article – 20 Sites for Creating Online Quizzes


The Tarver Academy


Control Alt Achieve-Transforming Education with Technology


EdPuzzle Student Tutorial 


EdPuzzle Help Center for Teachers 


Common Sense Education


Explore ways to improve equity to tools for ALL students

Equity in education means that each child has access to relevant and challenging academic experiences and educational resources necessary for success. Equity must remain at the forefront of short- and long-term goals, responses and supports.

What does equity for students mean?

COVID-19 thrusts digital equity to the forefront

What Chrome extensions are available for struggling students and special needs? 

Google Tools for Struggling Students


Chrome Extensions and Apps for Inclusive Education


Develop partnerships to support student needs

Partners represent the collective action needed to support each child and increase the likelihood of student success.  Evaluate and elaborate on how the extending and leveraging partnerships can apply to this area. 

What collaborative efforts are available for supporting remote/blended Learning for districts?

Remote Learning Alliance


Technology Integration Leaders of Ohio


Ohio Ed Techs


Ohio DLA

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