Reframing Education

Establish Reframing Team, Purpose, & Expectations – Level 3

Establish Reframing Team, Purpose & Expectations

First Steps for Success

Use the contents of this page to guide your "Reframing" discussions. Refer to the "Establish Reframing Team, Purpose & Expectations" section of your guidebook.

Refer to the "Establish Reframing Team, Purpose & Expectations"" section of your Guidebook to guide your discussions, take notes and add comments.


The Right Team For the Purpose


What team do we already have in place that can take on this role? Or from where can we create a subset of an established team?




Which internal/external stakeholders MUST be at the table? (Partnerships)


  • Internal: Administration, Teacher, Board Members, Students, Technology Director, ESC Personnel, Counselor


  • External: Parents, Community members, Local Board of Health. Social/Mental Services, Social Worker


Which internal/external stakeholders would be beneficial to have at the table? (Partnerships)

How will we establish roles and responsibilities for team members?


To what timeline do we want to hold ourselves accountable?



Goals, Communication, and Commitment


What are the primary goals of this team as we prepare for restarting schools 2020-2021 and beyond?


  • Start with student needs

    • Examine data

    • Prioritize needs

    • Analyze why those and what is in our control?

  • Move to educator needs

How can we utilize “lessons learned” in order to prepare for future interruptions to in-person education?



How will the reframing of education goals be implemented and measured? 


  • CDC:  Plan, Prepare, Respond

School Settings | COVID-19

What strategies will the team employ to ensure timely and consistent communication among team members; stakeholders; partners; etc.?

How will the team ensure commitment from all stakeholders? (Quality Schools)

  • Establish expectations for students, teachers, parents

How will we personalize education to help each child reach his or her learning goals? (Quality Schools) (Equity)

Thank you to the collaborative group who created the discussion questions and contents of this page:
Jackie Miller – Brown County ESC
Tammy Hambrick – South Central Ohio ESC
Kara Copeland – South Central Ohio ESC
Karen Rose – Mercer County ESC